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A night of word games and fun in memory of Ann Brewster Jones,
dear friend and Scrabble-enthusiast, to raise money for cancer research.

Play Where You Are!

Rather than hosting a single event this year, we invite you to stay where you are. At home? Host a few friends at your house to play Scrabble, Boggle, or Bananagrams. Not up for word games? Host a few friends at home, or meet at your favorite watering hole, and raise a toast to beating cancer. At work? Set up a Scrabble board and keep a game going with co-workers and clients. On a cruise? Play on your Scrabble App or Travel Scrabble board. Out of town? Play Words with Friends. Have a conflict? Put in a word by making a donation.

Whatever you choose, please make a donation, and ask your guests to do the same.

Proceeds go to Stand Up To Cancer, which fosters collaboration among top researchers to accelerate ground breaking research on all types of cancers.

Make it easy on yourself, have fun, and help us Spell the End of Cancer.

Josephine Hicks
Susan McConnell
Rob Smith
Sarah Binder
Julia Truslow
John Munce
Jan Keny
Wesley Sturgis